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SHE,EOO,OOO is more than a pretty logo with a catchy slogan - SHE'S A MINDSET!

She was built with aspirational women (just like you) in mind. Building a business isn't easy. Building a business from home as a solopreneur or mommypreneur can seem even harder. And let's face it, it can feel like no one gets it when it comes to your business goals and vision for your future! - UNTIL NOW. 

SHE,EOO,OOO offers like-minded, business building women the tools, resources, support, and encouragement they need to not only survive the entrepreneurial landscape - but THRIVE!

No matter what stage of the journey you are on - WE GOT YOU! 

Whether you started your business some time ago and want access to the latest tools, courses, articles, and masterminds to help scale your business to the next level, or are simply wanting to make extra money from home, but don't know your options - the she,eoo,ooo community is YOUR NEXT BEST STEP!


Helping you get further - faster as you learn to earn with Etsy, Shopify, Canva, Pinterest, TikTok, Amazon, & many more...

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Rachel Medina is a serial entrepreneur based in Southern California who hosts a top rated podcast geared towards women wanting to launch a business from home, called the Rachel Unpacked. In 2020 when the world was blindsided by a global pandemic, friends, family, and podcast listeners from all over the country began reaching out on social media asking for guidance with how to build an income stream from home. It was at that time when the idea of creating a nurturing, business minded community for solopreneurs and mommypreneurs that actually helps women from all starting points unpack their inner she,eoo,ooo - was born! "We go beyond courses, and leaned all the way in on building a community platform that supports members through their entire business building journey" - Rachel Medina

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Daneen San Pedro has worn many hats over the years, but being a business minded momma is her strong suit. She has gone from being Rachel's right hand girl in business, to getting her real estate license, building a t-shirt brand with her husband, and being a present mom to her kids and her pups - all while working from home! "Getting to share what I have learned, good - bad - and awesome, with the ladies in the community so that they can feel supported, is what it's all about" - Daneen San Pedro


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Shelbie Negrete Self Publisher Children's Coloring Books SHE,EOO,OOO.png


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She built a business from home as a mom of 3, making events even more memorable with custom photo walls, neon signs and balloon garlands. She has since been featured on television and in various media outlets for her fun and unique party decor. Monica's growth and success inspires us all to tap into our inner she,eoo,ooo!

She, published activity books for children with a modern twist as a mom of 4 with 1 more on the way. Having a college degree doesn't make opportunities any easier to get when you're a mom first, but learning how to create her own opportunities while being home with her kids is what makes Shelbie the ultimate she,eoo,ooo!

She is a wife, mom of 2 and an entrepreneur who has gone all in on her health and fitness goals. Now, Eva is building a brand and her body, showcasing her fitness journey, so that women who are ready to transform their figure will get the steps they need to succeed, making her an inspirational she,eoo,ooo! 


community members get access to key resources, articles, videos, gurus, courses, workbooks, content library, and support from community managers for platforms such as etsy, pinterest, shopify, and more. *Example of community content below. Actual content may vary*

Learn to earn with Etsy, Shopify, Canva, Pinterest, TikTok, Amazon, & many more...


Receive updates regarding events, new merchandise, courses, featured she,eoo,ooo success stories, and early access to opportunities from our brand partners. *Does not include access to membership site*

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